Arthitis Treatment


If experiencing joint pain and inflammation, you're probably in need of effective arthritis treatment. A doctor or medical professional can offer advice on the best methods of arthritis treatment, however can also provide crucial information that will keep you fully informed.

Arthritis treatment methods are often experimental and it must be noted that there isn't yet a complete cure for this condition. However there are several actions that can be taken to lessen joint pain and discomfort.

Arthritis treatment can involve altering your diet, managing weight loss, the prescription of medications (at times involving steroid injection) and even joint replacement. When considering prescribed medication, you must consult with your doctor throughout the process. This will protect your health and provide for your safety. Pharmaceutical medications often suggested to relieve pain include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Occasionally however, NSAIDs have been found to cause the formation of ulcers and can contribute to gastrointestinal bleeding. To prevent this, a newer NSAID known as cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors, has been developed to alleviate joint pain and reduce the harmful impacts to the digestive system. Common NSAIDs include aspirin and ibuprofen. While these drugs do not cure the condition, they alleviate pain and swelling in the affected joints.

Several prescribed medications also act to alter the condition's progression. Referred to as disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs), pharmaceuticals such as sulfasalazine and methotrexate serve to reduce inflammation and slow the progression and of damage to joints.

A new development in this area has been the combining of a genetically engineered biological medication termed Remicade (infliximad) and methotrexate. This formula binds to the protein believed to exacerbate inflammation and damage known as tumor necrosis factor (TNF). This protein, typically found in high levels in the synovial fluid of individuals experiencing joint stress, is then blocked from contributing to the progression of this condition.

As always, refer to a medical professional before engaging in any of these methods and act to learn about the risks and benefits of the variety of medications available to you.



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