Beware of your Gym


If you thought the only thing you could leave the gym with is a better body, think again. The hot and sweaty atmosphere in a gym can harbour a host of hazards that aren't so good for your health.

Watch where you walk
The floors of the gym, changing room, steam room and showers are a breeding ground for fungus. People who are infected leave fungal spores behind when they walk around barefooted. When these spores attach themselves to skin, they turn into infections like Athletes Foot. To avoid this problem, you should wear flip-flops in the changing room and keep your feet clean and dry.

Airborne attack
The gym is a prime breeding ground for coughs, colds and bugs, as the hot, sweaty atmosphere makes it easy for the viruses to spread. As machinery and mats in the gym are shared, viruses can be transmitted onto equipment that hasn't been cleaned properly. To prevent this, you should use a towel to cover any shared equipment or mats, or wipe it down before use.

Ladies, don't work too hard
Overexertion in the gym is a common problem. Research shows that women are more likely to put unnecessary strain on their legs when doing high impact exercises, as they tend to land with their knees straight and legs together, which twists the knee joint. Wearing sports supports can reduce this problem, as they spread the impact forces evenly, which help to minimise the chance of injury.

Complexion tips
The gym may also affect your complexion, as sweat mixes with oil on the body and blocks the pores, which can lead to spots developing. To combat this, you should use a tea-tree based cleanser in the shower after exercising to stop bacteria multiplying.

Taking a dip
Pools and jacuzzis are prime places for contagious skin conditions such as dermatitis to be passed on. Chlorine in the water kills off most of these germs, but if there isn't enough chlorine in the water, you could get an infection of the hair follicles, which needs to be treated with antibiotics.

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