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So you've booked your summer holiday and you've worked hard to get a body to die for (almost literally!). But you're worried that during your fortnight away drinking, eating and partying that by the time you get home you'll look like an extra from 'Fat Friends'. However have no fear, your beach holiday is probably much healthier than you think.

Making the most of the sun
The warm weather and sunny days will give you an overall tan and make you feel fully relaxed and content. Your body will soak up the extra vitamin D leaving you feeling energised and ready to face the hectic nights ahead.

Holiday exercise
Swimming in the sea or hotel pool will exercise all your body's major muscle groups. Other activities including beach volleyball, frisbee, beach tennis and dancing will further exercise the muscles of the legs, bum and arms.

Seeing the sights or lazing around
If you need to relax and recharge your batteries then there is no better way to do so than visiting local land marks or lying around on the beach to soak up some rays. To get the most from your holiday try and balance the beach with day trips out of the hotel complex. Your tour rep or hotel manager should have a good idea of what delights the local area holds.

Holiday eating habits
When in Rome ... While you're on holiday try as many local dishes as possible. Fish high in Omega-3 fats and protein are good for the heart and can go a long way to protect you against those silly summer colds. Eating as much fruit and vegetables as you can will also mean that your system is bombarded with vitamins and minerals that you might not usually digest.

In conclusion
If you follow some of the tips given in this article then you may be in danger of coming back from your holiday in a better shape than you went away - headaches and hazy memories pending!

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