Make up & looking good


Looking good takes more than the latest range of make ups from Boots. It requires an understanding of your skin and time to take care of yourself properly.

We all know it's important but how many of us actually do it.

Always take your make up off before you go to bed. This gives your skin a chance to breathe.

Make sure you use cotton pads (or the equivalent) rather than tissue as they are kinder on your skin and non abrasive.

Taking care of your tools
Keep your application brushes and pads clean and buy new ones on a regular basis. You really don't want to be applying dirt and germs with your MaxFactor.

Whatever the weather
Always protect your skin from the elements, come rain or shine. Winter can do as much damage to your complexion as the hottest summer day.

Invest in a quality moisturising product or foundation; one that safeguards against the extremes of the environment.

Treat yourself
Indulge in a face pack every now and again to cleanse and tighten your pours. A face pack can undo a thousand bad habits and allow you to maintain a flawless finish.

Additional information
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