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The birth of programmes like ITV's 'Fat Friends', and more recently the BBC's 'Diet Trials', has highlighted the problem facing would-be dieters. "Which diet or weight loss plan should I choose?"

The answer can be fraught with problems from the offset. What if the diet is based around high protein foods but you don't eat meat? What if the diet suggests you eat 6-8 small meals a day but you simply don't have the time to cook, prepare and eat that many meals?

Introducing the diets
This article aims to give you an impartial insight into some of the best known diets on the market. We will introduce each diet to you and outline the main issues surrounding each. We have also teamed up with to bring you a collection of books aimed at teaching you more about each diet discussed.

The Atkins Diet
The Dr Atkins diet is not simply based around the reduction of calories. The Atkins diet suggests that carbohydrates in the diet increases the amount insulin produced by the body, and it is the insulin in the body that promotes increases in fat stores.

Consequently the Atkins diet suggests that dieters dramatically reduce their carbohydrate intake (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes etc) while increasing the amount of protein and fat they eat (meat, fish, nuts, eggs and cheese). Although the Atkins diet has its sceptics, there is no denying that users of this diet can dramatically lose a lot of weight (abiet the majority of which could be fluid).

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Weight Watchers
Each dieter on the Weight Watchers diet is asked to count calories via an easy to follow points system based on gender, age and weight. Dieters are then allocated a daily points total which allows them to lose weight at around a rate of 1-2 lb per week.

Weight Watchers also run weekly classes in local areas where dieters can meet up to discuss their week's success and failures, diets and weight loss. The classes are supported in part by other resources including an extensive web site, CD ROM's and a handy set of daily menus.

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Slim Fast Plan
The Slim Fast Plan involves substituting two daily meals with two Slim Fast shakes while allowing the dieter to eat one daily meal of approximately 600 calories. Like with the Weight Watchers diet the dieter is expected to lose between 1-2 lb of body fat each week.

Slim Fast shakes come in a range of flavours - banana, chocolate, strawberry etc, while the 600 calorie meals can include Slim Fast Plan soups, meals or even your own low fat / moderate calorie recipes.

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