Exercise & depression


US researchers have discovered that regular aerobic exercise can help people who suffer from depression as much as prescribed drugs.

The study
The American study observed the the depression rates over 133 people. Some of the 133 took only exercise and no drugs. Some took only the antidepressants prescribed, while others did both.

The exercise consisted of 30 minutes of aerobic work, three times per week for 10 months.

As time went on - effect of exercise on depression
After a period of four months the research team observed that the exercise prescribed worked as effectively as the drugs and drugs plus exercise at lowering and controlling bouts of depression with the groups.

After 10 months
After almost a year on the programme the exercise only group were half as likely to be diagnosed with depression s the others within the study.

The conclusions that were make
The research team believe this occurred because exercise gave the participants a sense of the self-control, mastery, a feeling of accomplishment and a chance to break from the dependency drug use - even prescribed - can create.

Not only that but exercise famously promotes the release of feel-good hormones called endorphins into the brain.

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