Seniors exercise


As you get older, a good nutritional programme, certain key workouts with adequate recovery between, and plenty of rest are all necessary in preserving fitness.

Expanding your aerobic capacity, or V02max, as much as possible before the age of 45 is advisable to offset any falloffs that could occur after that age.

The 4-95-4 workout
One of the best workouts you can possibly carry out is the great '4-95-4' workout. This workout involves completing 4-minute work intervals with 4-minute recoveries in between, at a high enough intensity to bring your heart rate to 95 percent of maximal by the end of each interval. Some other activities that are also good for you are cycling, swimming, and running 12-20 minute races.

From 45 to 60 yr. old
Between the ages of 45 and 60, some physiological problems including a modest loss of aerobic capacity (V02max) and a small decline in muscle tissue (muscle atrophy) can occur, and your motivation may fall a bit.

Also, due to age-related increases in muscle soreness and tissue stiffness, longer recoveries between workouts might be necessary, forcing a cutback in training volume. These problems can be helped by conducting some 'Sparks Sessions.'

To increase motivation, make your high-intensity sessions more fun by going to your favorite place in the city or countryside and letting your everyday concerns and cares drop away. Also good for motivation, feel the power in your legs by occasionally bursting at a race pace for 20 or 30 seconds as you run or cycle.

Functional strength and age
Strengthen your leg muscles by doing more hill training. Occasionally cross-training or adding an extra day of rest for every two weeks of training will minimise soreness. Leg-muscle atrophy, which is accountable for 20 percent of age-related declines in fitness, can be prevented by getting serious about weight training.



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