Exercise machines


THEFITMAP.com explains exactly what each health club and gym aerobic machine will do for your figure.

The key to weight control
First things first. All aerobic machines help you burn body fat and allow you to manage your weight. The key here lies in exercise duration and frequency - exercise for 20 - 45 mins 3 - 5 times per week.

The treadmill
The treadmill allows the user to run, jog or walk, all at their own pace. The best fat burner and fitness machine around.

Common problems: If you have sore knees or joint problems ask an instructor for advise.

The stepper
This exercise mirrors the action of walking up a flight of stairs - over a prolonged period of time! A great way to tone the thighs and bum.

Common problems: Many people use a very short stepping action. Use exaggerated steps for the best effect.

Rowing machine
This exercise exercises the upper body to great affect. Use your arms to pull the bar to your tummy button.

Common problems: It is not advisable to perform any rowing movement if you suffer from back problems.

Exercise bike
One of the best ways to strength and tone the legs. Many health clubs and gyms incorporate bike classes - "spinning" into their exercise programs.

Common problems: This form of exercise will not shape or tone the upper body.



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