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Health and fitness are an important part of your life, right? So, how do you stay motivated, committed and enthusiastic about your goal to get fit, stay fit or lose weight? This is where a personal life coach can help.

Personal development
"Only a mediocre person is always at his best" W. Somerset Maugham

Personal coaching is growing at a phenomenal rate as more people strive for better lives and to reach their goals. Health and fitness is a recurring topic, however the coach needs to ensure that all aspects of a person's life is in balance - health and fitness; relationships; career; personal growth and money - to help that individual lead a more satisfying, successful and fulfilling life.

Is a life coach a shrink?
Think of a coach as your personal trainer - only not for your body, but for your mind. Coaching isn't counseling - the client isn't allowed to dwell on the past but looks at today and develops action plans to enhance the future. So, ask yourself the following:

1. Would you like someone to talk to and clarify things in your own mind?
2. How would you make your life more fulfilling?
3. Do you need a fresh perspective?
4. What's the biggest opportunity you are not taking right now?
5. Do you feel like you are treading water?
6. Are you performing at your peak?
7. Are all areas of your life in harmony…?

A 1998 survey by the International Coaching Federation revealed that 98.5 per cent of clients polled reported their investment in coaching to be highly valuable. So what are the benefits?

  • Clarifying your needs, values and goals
  • Having someone "on your side" to support and encourage you
  • Having someone to keep you focused, challenged, accountable and confront you when you are falling behind on your commitments
  • Making better decisions, and enhancing natural strengths
  • Gaining balance in all aspects of your life
How does it work?
A confidential dialogue takes place between coach and client within a creative, productive and results-driven environment. Most sessions are conducted weekly over the telephone and sessions last up to 45 minutes. Some coaches offer e-mail support.

If you want to realise your ambitions or overcome your frustrations get a coach! Be the author of your life. There is a world of difference between thinking about something and actually doing it. That is the difference a coach makes.

Katrina is an accredited coach and passionate about coaching. She has been helping people realise their true potential for many years.



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