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Most diets involve us dramatically changing our eating habits. Not only that, but these changes are meant to be maintained over an extended period of time!

What this means is that we know have an ongoing battle against their will power. This may be okay at first. The first few weeks of any diet are okay. We start to lose weight and because we can see that all the hard work is paying off we stick to the diet a little bit longer.

When the tough gets going, we get lost
However, there will come a point when the initial weight loss slows down - or even stops! When this happens we feel let down by our diet. We feel miserable and we begin to seek solis in things like sweets, biscuit, cakes and other comfort foods.

And then before you know it - BAM - we are back to our original weight again. This happens a few more times and before you can say pass me the low fat bagel, we are seasoned Yo-yo dieters. But don't worry, we can always start our new super-can-not-fail diet tomorrow!

You can stop the rot
So what is the answer? Well, try these two tips.

1. Begin to address why you overeat. People find comfort in food for many different reasons, most of which aren't hunger. Ask yourself why you eat the foods you do. Is it just the taste factor? If it is why not buy low fat options of your favourite meals or foods - these days the low fat substitutes taste just like the real thing.

2. Or do you overeat to compensate for other things .e.g. The loss of a loved one, feelings of inadequacy, depression etc. If this is the case then you need to understand that no diet in the world will change how you feel about yourself, others or situations. Just as the comfort eating doesn't help, neither will dieting.

The positive things I can do
Stop dieting in the traditional sense. If you want to lose weight then start by cutting out excess fat and sugar from your 'diet'. Start to exercise just a little - exercise will burn calories and the fitter you will burn more calories away from the gym as well.

If you feel like a cake, biscuit or sweets (substitute your favourite food for mine here) have one. But just one. Allowing yourself the occasional treat should stop you going insane and it should also stop your will power picking fights with you and winning.

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