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I'm sure we have all be there. The fitness instructor is showing us a machine and he says something like:

"Do two sets of this for 15 - 105 reps and you will work the triceps of the quadriceps, which in turn will tone the obliques and give you a proportionately disproportional look. Understand"

And we stand there a gasp and say "...er...I think so".

Repeating the message
If you don't understand what an exercise will do then ask. Then ask some more until you are in no doubt that this is the exercise that will finally reduce your waist and make you look like Jennifer Lopez.

Aerobic exercise
Any aerobic exercise will produce varying results in terms of fitness gains and fat loss - the harder the exercise the faster the gains. Most machines (treadmill, bikes, skier etc) utilise the leg muscles and so help tone up the upper and lower legs as well as the bum!

Weight training
Weight training helps tone the body and reduce the risk of osteoporosis / brittle bone disease. Some of the main exercises you may encounter are outlined below:

  • Bench press - works the chest, back of arms and shoulders
  • Shoulder press - works the shoulders and back of the arms
  • Curls - works the front of the upper arms
  • Dips - works the rear of the upper arms.

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