Osteoporosis : risks


Most of us think of osteoporosis like a blue rinse - it's something you get when your old. Sorry, but we have news for you. There are factors that can make you at risk from a very early age.

What is osteoporosis?
This weakening bone disease occurs when the skeleton isn't allowed to reform itself after general wear and tear. As a result the bones lose their density and strength - can mean easier breaks and falls.

Oops. Sounds like me!
The main risk factor is low estrogen levels - which usually occurs post-menopausal. You have a high chance of developing osteoporosis if you:

  • Are inactive
  • Smoke regularly (more than 1 cigarette per day)
  • Eat little calcium rich food (i.e. Cheese, milk, wholemeal bread etc.)
  • Have irregular periods
  • Are related to a suffer of osteoporosis
Preventing osteoporosis
The best way to reduce the development of osteoporosis is reverse the risk factors. For example, stop smoking, begin to exercise, eat calcium rich foods and contact your local GP about the possibility of HRT (if you're post-menopausal).

Note: It is important that there is enough Vitamin D in your diet. The body needs it so that bones can fully absorb the calcium needed to strengthen and develop them.

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