Pilates Class


When choosing a Pilates class there are some important things to think about. The biggest decision to make when looking into a Pilates class is where you want to take it.

You have the choice between going to a fitness club, a studio or looking into private sessions.

The pros of choosing a Pilates class that is offered in a fitness club is that often they are included in your membership or can be bought as a package deal for a very cost effective price. Another advantage is that since they are typically larger you will get more social interaction than with the other two methods.

If you would rather take one at a studio however, that also has some significant benefits. First, the instructors will likely be slightly more qualified and you will find you get a more intense workout since this is their specialty.

Secondly, the amount of sessions offered may be increased since they do not have to worry about catering to people who are wanting other activities such as step aerobics or kickboxing.

Finally, if you choose to go the private session route, the biggest advantage here will be the attention factor. You will not have to compete against any one else and will be able to ensure you are doing the activity effectively. Many who are brand new to this form of exercise would benefit from this.

Obviously you need to consider what is important to you when making the decision and remember that you can always try all three options and see what you like best. The most important thing however, is that you choose a method that you will stick with, because if you aren't doing the workout in the first place, you aren't going to see any results.



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