Celebrity diets from Hollywood


It has been alleged in the press recently that certain Hollywood stars have been eating high fat, high protein diets (Dr Atkins diet - aka 'The Atkins Diet') in a bid to lose weight.

While this initially fills us with the confidence that we can eat what we like and still control our weight, it may not in fact mean that we can eat trays of cakes and endless burgers.

High fat diets and it's problems
High fat diets have little nutritional values - little or no vitamins, low in carbohydrates and high in saturated fats (the bad guy during weight loss).

This means the body will struggle to cope with the demands of your daily activities and may mean you become over tired and stressed - remember the gaunt look of some Movie and TV actresses in your favourite magazines!

The "Jolly-good" diet
One way to watch your weight without resorting to extreme dieting is to fill your dinner plate with lots of vegetables and carbohydrates (bread, pasta etc). This way you will only be able to fit small amounts of fats or protein on your plate at any one time.

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