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People who exercise usually have measurable goals. These goals may include weight loss, weight control, improvements in muscle tone, fitness or strength. Whatever your goals, it is very important that you choose the right type of exercise in order to reach your potential.

Below we have outlined the type of exercise you can perform with details on their benefits and the specific movements you will need to do.

Fat burning exercise
Fat burning exercise usually involves aerobic / cardiovascular exercise (continuous work for 20-45 minutes) using the bodies large muscles groups (legs, arms and back).
Aerobic exercise requires lots of energy (i.e. calories) - calories that will over time enable you to drop body fat and improve your body shape.

Exercises to help burn body fat
A good form of aerobic exercise includes walking, jogging, cycling, rowing, swimming and many more. Aerobic exercise cannot be perform on resistance machines or free weights.

Body shape changing / toning exercise

The benefits of toning exercise (free weights and resistance machine work) are two fold. Firstly it will enable you to boost your metabolism - this translates into more body fat burning during aerobic exercise and even fat burning away from the gym! Secondly, resistance work is the only form of exercise which will enable you to control the shape of your body - leaner arms, toned, strong looking legs, flat stomach etc.

Exercises to help tone up

Resistance work can be performed in various ways. The main 3 types of resistance exercise includes:

1. Body weight exercises - press up, pull-ups, body weight lunges etc.
2. Resistance machines - leg press, machine bench press, lat pull-down etc.
3. Free weights - squat, bench press, dumbbell curls etc.
For more details on resistance training please see your personal trainer or ask at your local gym or health club.

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