Want to know what effect using diuretic products has on slimming? A diuretic is a substance that causes the body to excrete more water through urination.

In medicine, diuretic products are used to treat diseases such as hypertension, also called high blood pressure; liver cirrhosis; heart failure; and particular kinds of kidney illnesses. Diuretic products can also help to cleanse the blood stream in the case of drug overdose or poisoning.

But how do diuretic products aid the slimming process? And are they safe for use?

Many potential slimmers are drawn to these products as quick-fix solutions to help them shed a few pounds. There may be a particular lure to products such as these for people who are looking to drop just a few extra pounds in preparation for a special event. When these products are used for slimming all of the weight lost will be as a result of fluid loss. This results in a state of mild dehydration, and consequently, the pounds shed will come creeping back on as soon as the person stops taking the product.

The use of these products runs completely counter to what is required for healthy, sustainable weight loss. Nutritionists recommend that slimmers drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to remain hydrated. Being properly hydrated ensures that the metabolism functions at its peak efficiency so that the maximum number of calories are burned. Use of these products also prevents slimmers from learning newer, more appropriate eating habits which are necessary for keeping weight off.

Negative side effects that result from prolonged use of these products include headaches, heart palpitations and fatigue. You may also suffer from constipation. Make sure you speak to your doctor before using any of these products, and don't use them as a slimming method.



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