Green Tea Weight Loss


Heard about green tea weight loss plans and curious to know whether they might work for you? Green tea weight loss plan assert that this oriental beverage can help slimmers shed pounds when it's included as part of an existing slimming program.

While it's certainly widely known that this beverage has a variety of health benefits, what is it about green tea weight loss plans that makes them worth a try? How exactly do green tea weight loss plans work inside the body? And are there any health risks to be aware of?

This drink is already credited with having positive benefits for a number of ailments and conditions, including blood sugar, cholesterol, dental problems, bad breath. It's also known to have both antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic qualities. But how does it help you shed pounds? Studies on mice have shown that the active ingredient in the drink - catchetins - can help lower blood sugar levels, the levels of fat or lipids in the blood, and blood cholesterol. It's also been shown to reduce deposits of fat beneath the skin and particularly on the abdomen.

The effect it has on blood sugar levels is especially good for slimmers because the amount of sugar in our blood stream directly relates to how our metabolism functions. If your blood sugar levels stay balanced, your body's insulin production also stays balanced. When your body produces too much insulin, it begins to store the food you eat as fat. It also creates a cycle of cravings, energy peaks and energy valleys that can sabotage the most dedicated slimmer.

Although there haven't been any long term studies following the effects of using this beverage as a slimming tool, given it's other health benefits it's a positive addition to any slimming plan. Obviously it's important to stress that this beverage is only one part of any effective slimming plan, and the slimmers should develop a low fat diet based on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. A regular exercise program can help you reap the rewards of your new eating planner quicker. If you have any concerns about your slimming plan, talk to you doctor immediately.



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