Height & weight chart information


Many organizations publish height weight charts - everyone from insurance companies who are assessing risk through to diet companies.

A height weight chart provides an overview of the recommended minimum and maximum ranges, to give you a general idea of where you should be.

The problem with weight charts, however, is that they are very vague - for any given height there's a huge range - typically around 20 pounds for small people, 30 for medium sizes, and up to 35 pounds for taller individuals.

This is because they are based simply upon healthy ranges - they generally cover the range from just above anorexic to just below obese.

So how do you use them? There's two ways:

Aim for the middle of the range: For most people, unless you are very small framed, or conversely very muscular, the middle of the range should be where you aim to be.

Use other guides: Don't rely on something as arbitrary as this to tell you what you already know - simply looking at yourself, naked in a mirror is a very informative way of assessing your situation, as is the way your clothes fit.

Take all this information together and you'll have a pretty good idea of where you are now, and where you want to get to.



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