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Every fitness center offers some kind of gym class. Whether it is for aerobic, weight training or for a specific sport, you will usually find a wide variety of gym class types to choose from.

The best part about it is that no matter your fitness level- from the most sedentary of newbies to seasoned workout fanatics, there is likely one that is perfect for you.

Many people want to join a gym class for fat burning purposes- which means that the best type of class would be a cardio-friendly course. Some of the more popular selections for cardio health would be dance, aerobic, kickboxing, step, spinning and even some boot camp classes that will give you the workout of your life. But these are not the only gym class selection to choose from.

If you want to concentrate more on muscle building than fat burning, the kickboxing and boot camp sessions can also be good for you, even though they are also cardio-intensive. A good circuit training class usually has plenty of muscle isolation exercises to work several groups instead of just one at a time, like with free weights or weight machines.

Most of these sessions are from 45 minutes to an hour in length, enough time to make an impact on both your body and health. A session with a personal trainer or a very intense session may last only 30 minutes.

You of course can rest if you feel tired between exercises- if you are new you should not push yourself to the point of injury! But sticking with it will ensure that after a few sessions you will be able to get through the whole thing- and perhaps branch out and try more.



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