Is your diet telling you to cut back on carbohydrates? Eating plans that are low in carbohydrates are currently flooding the market - but how do these plans affect your overall caloric intake?

Understanding how carbohydrates factor into your overall daily calorie count is vital for health and also in order to achieve your weight loss goals. At, our helpful calorie counting tool can help you find out how many calories you need to consume daily to meet your target weight.

Knowing that, you can choose carbohydrates will help you meet your nutritional needs and the needs of your diet plan, without moving outside your recommended calorie intake.

This handy diet aid means that you can use our search engine to find the calorie counts found in all your favourite carbs and starches. Want to know for sure how naughty that donut is? We've got the answers. Want to know whether to stop at one slice of toast, or whether it's okay to have seconds?

It's all right here at the click of your mouse. And it's not just the energy values of carbs and starches that makes available to you! You can also search for the fibre content in long grain rice, the fat content of potatoes, and how many carbs are in a biscuit.

Why not let's calorie counter be the number one tool to support you in your slimming aspirations?



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