Think being on a diet means all dairy foods are off-limits? You couldn't be more wrong. Dairy is rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium, which are vital to the growth and functioning of your body.

They're essential to a rounded and healthy eating plan. Dairy foods may be more calorie-rich than some of the other food groups out there, but the smart slimmer knows that your body needs a nutritionally balanced diet in order to make sure your metabolism is running at a proper speed.

And your metabolism needs to be up to speed so that your body will burn the right number of calories to help you lose weight effectively. Lasting weight loss occurs when slimmers consume fewer calories than they expend in a day. So instead of risking your health by eliminating dairy, why not learn about the calorie counts of your favourite dairy foods so you can find a way to fit them into your daily calorie allotment?

The good news is, it's never been easier to find calorie counts for individual milk products, thanks to TheFitmap.com's extensive calorie counter facility. You can look up calorie counts for skim milk, whole milk and 2 per cent, discover the difference between low-fat and full fat yoghurt, even check the calorie counts of your favourite icecreams! TheFitmap.com's calorie counter can also put you in touch with other nutritional facts that are important to the slimmer, including the fat content of different milk products, and even the protein contents of cheeses and yoghurts.

Once you know the calorie counts of your favourite milk products, you can figure out what your daily calorie limit should be in order for you to achieve your weight loss goals. You can do this by entering your current weight along with your weight loss goal, and the amount of exercise you get on a daily basis. Our calorie counter will tell you how many calories you should be eating daily in order to lose the weight you want, and then you can develop a meal plan which includes adequate milk products to maintain health and wellness.

With all the information you need right at your fingertips, there's no reason not to start right now! TheFitmap.com can be an important tool in your slimming strategy!



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