Calories in Fast Food


Think being on a diet means that all calories in fast food has to be avoided like the plague? Not so! It's true that calories in fast food are generally to be avoided when you're watching your weight because it tends to be high in fat and calorie dense, but the occasional indulgence won't sabotage your eating plan provided that you stay within your daily calorie allowance.

In fact, if you don't make it a regular occurrence, allowing yourself the occasional fast food treat can help you stick to your diet long term instead of falling off the wagon at the first sign of temptation.
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The key is to understand how many calories your body needs - and how to fit calories in fast food into that without going overboard. And the great news is, with's calorie counter feature, it's never been easier to become familiar with your calorie needs!

First, you can determine how many calories you should consume daily in order to either lose or maintain your weight by entering your current weight, your target weight and how much exercise you get on a daily basis. Our calorie counter will give you an average daily intake that's practical for you. You can even alter your daily amount depending on how long you want to take to lose excess pounds.

The next step is to look up all your favourite treats from McDonalds to Kentucky Fried Chicken, and see how much of your daily allowance they take up. When you want to indulge you can alter the rest of your daily eating plans accordingly.

And our convenient features even allow you to look up different types of cuisine, from Italian to Thai, to Mexican, Japanese or Greek.

With the help of it's never been easier to treat yourself and feel good about slimming at the same time!



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