Do you need to know more about Chronic Constipation? Chronic Constipation is an intestinal condition where your bowels don't function properly, causing bowel movements to be delayed, hard and difficult to pass.

Chronic Constipation shouldn't be confused with the less severe temporary variety, where the intestine itself functions well and is healthy, and the blockage is a temporary one caused by poor diet or dehydration.

Although Chronic Constipation can be made worse by environmental factors such as diet, dehydration, changes in life or routine, or stress, the root cause is a physical malfunction. So how can you tell if the difficulty you're experiencing is Chronic Constipation?

Medical practitioners and researchers believe that this illness is associated with problems with the functioning of the intestine, difficulties with hormone levels, and problems with the nerves, muscles, colon, rectum and anus. It also may be an indicator for a more serious illness like hypothyrodism, neurological disorders, Parkinson's disease or diabetes. You can be fairly sure that you are suffering from this condition if you experience straining during bowel movements, hard stools, a feeling of blockage, and fewer than three bowel movements a week for at least 12 weeks a year.

If you have these symptoms, it's important to visit your doctor for a diagnosis. You doctor will then talk to you about treatments. Sometimes you will be prescribed laxatives. Sometimes you will be told to make alterations to your diet and exercise regimes. If these methods fail to yield results, your doctor might do a physical examination, or a barium enema x-ray to check for obstructions or muscular malfunctions. Thankfully, this generally isn't a lifelong condition, and with the proper medical attention you will recover in time.



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