Are you suffering from arthritis? Are you curious about this condition, who it affects, and how it can affect you? Let answer your queries regarding arthritis! Arthritis is a medical condition characterized by inflammation in the joints and reduced range of movement.

It usually impacts individuals over 65 years of age, however in general arthritis affects those who have experienced damage or injury to their joints.

Many different forms of this condition exist. Listed below are the different kinds and their causes:

  1. Psoriatic, Rheumatoid, Autoimmune - damage caused by the body itself

  2. Septic - infection in the joint causes this form

  3. Gouty - results from the accumulation and crystallization of uric acid in the joints; significant inflammation results

  4. Osteo - the most common form; degeneration of the joints due to trauma or aging causes this condition

Several factors contribute to this medical condition. Body weight is one such trait that contributes to this condition and its severity. Excess weight places strain and pressure on joints. It has been suggested that individuals who are on average 20 percent or higher over their normal and healthy body weight are more likely to experience problems with their joints. As joints hold most of the body's weight, especially the ankles, knees, spine, and hips, it is no wonder that they experience high levels of stress. Weight loss is difficult, however, if the individual is already in pain, as they will then be more likely to lead a sedentary lifestyle, which then again allows for weight gain. A cycle results of weight gain, increased pain and more weight gain. Studies have also examined the correlation between certain foods and food allergies and the exacerbation of the inflammation and pain characterizing this condition.

Thus, some individuals decide to monitor their diet in order to avoid the aggravation of this condition. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) and disease-modifying anti-rheumatic (DMARDs) medications are also often prescribed. To find out more, refer to your doctor and for a little guidance!



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