5 steps to a better looking you


Okay so we all don't look like Marlon Brando (in his "A Street Car..." days) but there is no excuses for not making an effort. Here we outline 5 easy steps which will instantly make you more appealing.

1. Have a shave

A clean shaven face shows you have nothing to hide. It means your confident, clean and take care of your looks.

2. Have a new hair cut

Recent research shows that first impressions often rely upon our hair style. So if you still model that 80's Mullet it may be time for a trim! Ask at the barbers style they think will suit your face.

3. Own at least one tailor make suit
A made to measure suit will show off your physique in its best light. It's also something you will wear often - at work, for interviews, weddings etc. Tip: Don't spoil it wearing a hideous tie!

4. Easy on the aftershave
As long as you are clean, your natural smell should be enough to win you complements. However you you do insist on wearing aftershave, apply two small drops on the palm of you hands and then rub it well into the neck and chin.

5. Stop smoking
That's right. Yellow fingers, bad breath, smelly clothes and poor teeth are not attractive. Ever.



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