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If you want to know why a healthy body matters then read through our dedicated channel. Live life to the full by understanding about your body and why it matters that you look after it. From exercise physiology through to minerals and how exercise will help you to maintain a healthy body. It's all here for you to discover.

Fitness tools

Use our fitness tools to check on your body's fitness levels.

Personal trainers

Get your body a real workout with a little help from a qualified PT.

Daily food intake

Do you know what you eat each day - what the calories are? Find out more...

Cardiovascular system

Find out more about how your body works with our simple guide.

BMI calculator

Workout your body mass index using the simple formula we provide.

Exercise physiology

Do you know and understand how it all works - then find out more right here.

Body shape

Do you know your body shape - find out more and see what your's is.

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You body needs a number of essential minerals, find out which ones.

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Vitamins and minerals


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