Diet plans


Choosing appropriate diet plans is a difficult decision. You want to get the balance right, get effective weight loss and also to have a diet that suits your lifestyle and tastes. So we've compiled a comprehensive list of dieting strategies and philosophies, to allow you to browse through and discover which of them may be right for you. Remember, we're not offering medical advice - always seek advice from your GP first.

Fad diets

Read about popular fad diets right here :

Food intolerances

Do you struggle with some foods, want to see whether you show any symptoms?

Life coaching

Ever thought about this alternative to simply starting on the next diet regardless

Science diets

Using information on how the body works to achieve your wieght goals - that's all it is.

Low fat diets

If you want to cut your fat intake, the one of the following low fat diets could help!

Low cholesterol diets

By managing the saturated fat in your diet, you lose weight!


3 day diet

Seriously, read how for some a 3 day diet can work.


Low carb diets

Pregnancy diet

At this important stage, make sure you do the right thing


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