If you've thought about buying fitness equipment to workout at home, then you will not be alone. You can exercise in a gym or at home, but either way you'd want the right fitness equipment whether that's free weights, spinning bikes or treadmills. So why not take a look through our dedicated channel to get yourself kitted up the right way for your home.

Exercise programs

Compare programs and find the right one to motivate you :

Personal trainers

If you need a little help with a program or motivation, statr your search here.

Exercise bikes

Pedal your way to fitness in the comfort of your own home. Compare leading brands


Everyone should have one classic that comes in all shapes and sizes for the home.

Elliptical trainers

Also known as cross trainers, a low impact workout machine that's affordable for the home.

Weight training

Find out more about workouts for your body including core, chest and abs.

Fitness Accessories

From 'bands to dumbbells, swiss balls or videos...

» Find out more


Workout clothes

If you want to workout properly, you need to have the right clothes and gear.

» Find out more


Fitness Accessories


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