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Many serious medical conditions are linked with or affected by dietary choices. The better you understand these medical conditions, particularly the link between these medical conditions and diet choices that can help alleviate symptoms, the more pleasant life will be.

Being diagnosed with an illness or health problem can be very traumatizing. If you're living with one or more chronic medical conditions, it can be easy to feel alone and uncertain. The best way to combat this is to educate yourself about serious medical conditions and how diet can make a difference in quality of life. aims to make it much easier to access information and articles on illnesses and disorders that were previously thought to be rather uncommon.

Conditions like Celiac Disease, Hypothyroid, Parkinson's and Cancer, are outlined on the site, as well as possible complementary diet plans.

At, we hope that the availability of information on these illnesses will lead to early diagnosis because sufferers were able to look symptoms up on the internet, and then visit their doctor. It is important, however, not to allow the ease of the internet to replace a proper diagnosis by your GP. Instead, use it as a tool for learning to live with your disease.

Let be your number one resource for information on living with chronic illness. With the aid of information on how to adapt your diet and exercise regimes, we hope you'll lead a fuller life!



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