Drinking alcohol - is it safe?


Much has been written about the positive and negative properties of alcohol (red wine at least). So do we drink more, less or should we change our drinking habits?

Sensible consumption
In recent years sensible alcohol consumption has been written in terms of units per week (21 for men and 14 for women). Today it is deemed more advisable to think in terms of units per day - 3 or 4 is the safe guideline for men.

Understandable. More or less.Drinking more than this per day puts you at risk of developing heart disease and liver problems, to name but two serious symptoms.

The health benefits of drinking
Moderate drinking enables the body to lower harmful LDL-cholestrol levels and raise the protective HDL-cholestrol levels - combats / prevents heart disease.

Alcohol increases blood flow and reduces the chance of developing blood clots.

Cutting down on alcohol
We have come up with some helpful tips on cutting down if you drink excessively.

• Go out later - you are likely to drink less
• Replace some alcoholic drinks with nonalcoholic refreshments
• Drink longer drinks - stay clear of unit heavy spirits
• Find other ways to relax. e.g. Exercise or take in a film.



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