Exercise can help cancer patients


Many cancer patients will experience reduced energy and physical performance.

In this new report, researchers studied the effect of a gentle but progressive aerobic walking programme on five cancer patients.

The exercise programme
Subjects exercised five days a week on a treadmill at an intensity corresponding to blood lactate of 3 mmol/L, below anaerobic threshold, with their heart rate being continuously controlled. Training time was five bouts of three minutes with three minutes rest, beginning with a training speed of 4.5 kph.

Exercise progression
This was increased to four bouts of five minutes after one week. After five weeks the subjects could walk continuously for thirty minutes at an increased speed of 5.5 kph.

The outcome of the exercise programme
The programme had a very positive effect on all five patients, who no longer suffer fatigue in daily life. Three of them even continued to exercise with a jogging programme.

This study indicates that cancer patients can greatly benefit from a well-controlled, gentle and progressive aerobic programme.

Courtesy of Peak Performance



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