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If you are looking to improve your body shape but you hate the thought of exercising alone then join in an organised exercise class. With a multitude of options available you need to now which classes develop strength and tone and which improve fitness and stamina.

Spinning / RPM / Aerobiking
What ever it may be called at your gym or health club, exercises classes built around the idea of cycling really do work.

The main principle finds the instructor motivating a class of exercisers who aim to mimic the actions and peddling of said instructor - all set to upbeat music.

Not only is this a great cardiovascular workout and great leg toner or builder but the satisfaction and camaraderie felt by most participants is strong.

BodyPump finds us again mimicking the actions of our instructor to music. The difference here is that we have lost the bike and gained a set of weights.

The aim is to perform a set routine (e.g. squats) using the resistance equipment for the duration of one song. Then the song changes and so does the exercise and the body part we are using.

A great body toner and shaper. It is usually difficult to use heavy resistance due to the duration of each exercise so perhaps this it's the best environment to build big muscles.

Water Aerobics
Often seen as a gentler option when choosing an exercise class. And while this maybe true to some extent, working out to music using the water as resistance does have its advantages.

Ideal for the heavier male - this is no impact on the body's joints and skeleton. Also a good option for someone with limited coordination skills.

Yoga / Tia Chi
The ancient skills of yoga and Tia Chi encompass the idea the exercise should benefit the mind as well as the body. Little or no music used within this class environment.


Find yourself relaxing more at work and watch as you develop coordination skills you thought you had long lost.



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