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It is often difficult to find time to exercise and go to the gym. Demands on our time from work and from the family at home often mean our social and recreational activities are few and far between...if at all.

The 10 minutes rule
In terms of exercise (strength and fitness) it is possible to devote a small period of time each day and achieve certain goals.

The trick here is to prioritise your training and train smart.

10 minutes strength work out
The workout outlined can be performed in the local gym or health club. However as time is of the essence, the exercises outlined are aimed at the home exerciser.

• 3 sets of wide press ups - to failure
• 3 sets of narrow press ups - to failure
• 3 sets of lunges - work each leg for 3 sets
• Stair walking for 3 mins (two stairs at a time
• 3 sets of crunches

10 minutes of fitness work
In order to improve our fitness we must aim to increase the workload over a given time - even if that time is only 10 mins.

Aim to start slowly. If you have a limited history of exercise, go for a brisk walk. Once this feels easy increase your speed by jogging.

After a while - whether this is 2 weeks or 6 months - you can increase your fitness intensity by interval training.

Interval training for exercise
Intersperse rapid intense exercise with short bouts of slow easy work.

For example:

• 1 minute walk
• 30 seconds fast run
• 2 mins jog
• 20 sprint
• 1 min walk
• 4 mins quick jog etc.

Good luck, THEFITMAP.com team



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