The benefits of using a training


Unless you play team sports, you will find exercise can be a lonely business. So how can we make exercising more fun and productive? The answer is simple. Get yourself a training partner.

What makes a good training partner?

The qualities to look for in a successful training partner are as follows:

• They must be reliable.
• They should be motivational*
• They should know at least a like about exercise**

* Motivation is contagious
** Unless you like teaching and leading others.

Who makes a good training partner?
There are 3 people who can make great exercise training partners.

1. A personal trainer
2. A friend or partner
3. An unknown

1. A personal trainer
A good personal trainer will be qualified - allows ask to see vocational / academic qualifications. They will be motivational, and they will push you and give you goals to aim for and achieve.

The only draw back of this service can be the cost. The usual price of a personal trainer session is £20 - £50 an hour.

2. A friend or partner
By now you should know which of your friends are reliable and which are not. Choose someone with similar interests and make exercise as fun as possible. Try new activities e.g. rock climbing, mountain biking etc as well as gym work.

Be warned. Communication is a good think. But don't let it hamper your training. 5 minutes talking between sets is a no-no if you want to get the most from your training.

3. An unknown
Post a notice up at your local health club. "Wanted. Training partner. Needs to like motivating others and turning up on time! :-) If you are available on Mondays at 5 pm - 7 pm etc..."

Usually other are silently crying out for a partner as well. And thus notices like these are normally well received.



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