What's the best time to exercise?


Throughout any give day our bodies change and adapt depending on time, the weather and our own internal body clock. These changes, or cycles are called circadian rhymes, and they play a major part in our body's ability to perform and exercise.

So when is the best time to exercise?

The task in hand
Perhaps the best way to address this question is to breakdown exercise and performance into specific tasks - endurance, power, flexibility, nutritional breakdown (digestion) etc.

Body temperature
Our body temperature plays an enormous part in exercise and fitness performance. Our core and muscular temperature has a direct effect on the speed of nerve impulses and the strength, flexibility and power of our body.

The body performs best when its temperature is naturally higher. This occurs at around 6 pm. The suggestion here would be that strength and bodybuilding training should take place at this time.

Again body temperature plays a part in a person's level of flexibility. The higher the muscular temperature the less likely we are to become injured - hence why a warm up is advised before undertaking any form of exercise.

To avoid injury, again the suggestion would be to exercise at around 6 pm.

The absorption rate of the stomach varies throughout the day. In the morning the body's metabolism is naturally higher - due to a period of fasting during sleep. Thus, the stomachs emptying rate is vastly increased in the morning.

To lose weight or to make sure that the body is receiving the correct amount of vitamins etc, it is suggested that individuals eat a reasonable, even large breakfast and eat a lot less for their evening meal.

Endurance and fitness
Because the body temperature effects the strength and power with muscles, it should be no surprise to learn that this transfers into a greater degree of fitness output. The best time to endurance train is again 6 pm.

Strength, power and resistance training
Natural strength levels peak at around 6 pm (I hope you knew this already by now). Thus the best time to train in order to develop a muscular physique is during late afternoon.

Working out after work
Of course a hard day at the office will always play a part in how much energy we have left to expend at the gym. A long day may well finish at 5.30 pm, which can mean that we're in the gym for 6 pm. However, if this long day has sapped our energy then this may not be the best time to exercise.

If this is the case, then our suggestion is try to exercise when your effort levels will be personally at their highest e.g. before work or even during a lunch hour.



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