Martial arts as fitness


We all know that Bruce Lee practiced martial arts and that Jean-Claude Van Damme is a bit handy with his fists. But did you know stars such as Guy Richie, Madonna, Keanu Reaves and Wesley Snipes all have taken up the ancient arts?

So what is the appeal of martial arts?

There are many forms - all of which develop certain levels of fitness, stamina, speed and strength. So in a typical 1 - 2 hour session all the components of physical fitness are stretched and challenged.

Picking the right class
With so many options to choose from (your local health club may provide lessons and classes), which one will be right for you.

The best way to answer this is to briefly explain what each form involves.

Not a traditional form but fun and action packed non the less. Each lesson runs on a circuit format with strength and stamina playing a big part.

Develop by Samurai warriors, this style of combat uses kicks, strikes, kneeing etc. Ideal for developing skills not reliant on strength.

Its roots again come from Samurai warriors. Seen as a defensive sport rather than offensive, the main object of the sport is to subdue the opponent by throwing or "wrestling" them into submission.
Skills developed include balance and coordination, strength and stamina.

Tai Chi
Perceived as a softer option to the other forms of martial arts. Its roots lye in mediation and concentration. This is achieved by fluid movements of the limbs and an environment tailored to relaxation.



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