Golf - to improve your health


Like many sports golf combines skill, technique, stamina and concentration. Yet not all sports are played by such a unique range of people.

From the 60-year old stressed out company executive playing on Glen Eagles to the 10 year old hitting a ball around the local field, golf it seems can unite them.

Health and fitness
It's health and fitness benefits have been observed in a recent German study where players had heart rates of 25 bpm above their normal levels - if golf bags were carried around the course!

Golf is very much a pedestrian sport. With each hole averaging 300 - 450 yards, a player can easily walk 4 miles per 18 hole round.

Note: An 18 hole round of golf can take many hours, all of which you will be moving and exercising. It is important to take fluids round with you to fend off thirst and to hydrate the body.

Stress buster
Although a sense of over competitiveness will elevate stress levels through the roof, a nice round of golf played at a hearty level can be fun, relaxing and allow you to forget about the problems of the day and increase concentration when it time for work.



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