Groin strains


From all the patients referred to physiotherapists up to 5 percent represent problems with the groin.

Identifying problems

• Painful groin!
• Poor back mobility / tight hamstrings
• Poor pelvic control

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms it is advised that you visit your local GP or physiotherapist.

Five ideas to reduce groin pain
Richard Carter, UK Chartered Physiotherapist suggests that recreation athletes should:

1. Raise body temperature and heart rate during a 10 minute warm up period.
2. Stretch the groin area using static stretches - holding each for at least 10 seconds.
3. Strengthen the groin area by performing controlled lunges, side steps and jumps.
4. Perform quick actions that replicate your sport - short sprints, quick jumps, turns etc.
5. Remember to cool down after exercise or sport.Note: Remember - If you feel any hint of discomfort within the groin area stop the activity you're performing. Continuing may result in an injury which could take weeks or months to resolve.



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