Male pattern baldness and hair loss


Male pattern baldness (androgen alopecia) is the most common cause of hair loss in men (approximately 95 percent of total hair loss in men).

This type of baldness can begin to occur in a man's 20s or 30s, with over 25 percent of men beginning to lose their hair by their 30th birthday.

Pattern of hair loss

Hair loss may begin to appear at the start of the forehead and/or around the back of the scalp). This pattern of hair loss will continue until the hairline fully recedes and/or a large bald stop appears on the top of the scalp. As one famous bald guy would say, "D'oh". The hair that is left on the head will also be thinner than the hair you had in your late teens. Double "D'oh".

What is the cause of male hair loss?

Male pattern baldness is caused by an increase in scalp sensitivity to the male sex hormone 'androgen', such as testosterone, which defines our male characteristics.

This growth in hormone sensitivity effects certain areas of the scalp and is highlighted by a loss in size of hair follicles. Over time these follicles reduce in size so much that they cannot grow new hair to replace the hair lost.

Racial predisposition to hair loss and baldness

Research has shown that Caucasian men are more likely to suffer from male pattern baldness - up to 80 percent of all white men will lose their hair in part by the time they are 60 years old. While Chinese men are the least likely to lose their hair - only 40 percent of all Chinese men will lose their hair by the age of 60.

Can I prevent male pattern baldness and hair loss?

For the most part male pattern baldness is permanent. Male hair loss is hereditary and thus it effects men of a certain predisposition. However, it has been said that thinning hair process (and thus baldness) can be slowed down and perhaps reduced with the use of certain herbal and drug based interventions.

Coping with hair loss and male pattern baldness

As stated above male pattern baldness is permanent. There is no medical cure. With this in mind it is important that balding men come to terms with their hair loss and begin to think about changing your hair style. Some ideas include:

Keep it short. Never try to cover the hair loss with a wig or a 'comb over'. Short hair can be sexy. A wig or long wispy strands of hair can not.
Shave it off. This look will make you appear confident and self assured. It also means that your head and face will have a clean, slick look. This is will give you very sexy appearance indeed. Bonus.

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