How to exercise at home


Times, they are a changing. Now many husbands and male partners stay at home and bring up the children. However, this shouldn't mean that your exercise and keep fit plans go out of the window.

Exercise options
You can either exercise at home or find a gym / health club with a crèche. If you option is limited because there are no local facilities then please read on.

Exercising at home need not mean you have a poor workout. If you feel using only your body weight will limited progress then why not invest in some home weight equipment.

Core exercise to keeping fit

There are two areas of fitness we should all concentrate on; stamina and tone.

1. Exercise the heart and lungs - take the child for a walk, buy a bike with a child seat or run whilst pushing the child in a buggy.

2. Tone up. While the child is a sleep aim to do a 20 - 30 mins exercise circuit. Exercises to include are:

• Push ups
• Crunches
• Chair dips
• Pull ups
• Narrow stance push ups (hands close together)
• Lunges
• Squat thrusts
• Calve raises

Aim to repeat this circuit at least twice per week. For the greatest health benefits aim to perform the circuit 3 times a week - but no more.



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