24 hours to a better looking you


"Impossible" you cry!! "It's true" we say. It just needs a little thought and preparation.

The benefits of a good nights sleep
Research has shown that we generally need between 7 and 9 hours sleep per day to work optimally and look are best. Less than 6 hours and we begin to suffer, both mentally and physically.

Skip your workout
Over-training can lead to a feeling of over-tiredness and stress. Both aspects will have a detrimental effect on your appearance. So today miss your workout, feel a little better and look sharper tomorrow.

Personal grooming
Recent US research has shown that a guy's hairstyle has an effect on how others see us. Book a stylist and ask for their opinion on what type of style would suit you best.

At work
Feeling a little tired at work? Then just put your head down and get 40 winks. If the boss complains, explain that a sleep will aid your productivity!



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