Exchange your belly for a six-pack


If men's fitness can be summed up in one word it is six-pack. A man with a six-pack is almost hero worshipped by his friends. He is seen as a demigod by women (or so men think) and his fitness prowess can never to brought into question.

But ask him a question as simple as "So I do I get myself one of those?" and he will either be stumped (he never does anything - it's genetics at work), real off a thousand and one exercise tips (he's never away from the gym) or he'll be so busy thinking about food (he rarely eats) that he'll miss the question asked in the first place.

So, How do you get one of those?
Well the answer is simple yet the results are often noticeable by their absence. The simple fact of the matter that is in order to see a six-pack you must exhibit a low level of excess body fat around the belly and sides, or love handles if you will.

And this is the area that confuses some gym rats. They seem to think that the visibility of their six-pack is proportionately linked to the number of sit ups or crunches they perform. It's not.

Skinny kid syndrome
If you don't believe me then next time for see your skinny 12 year old nephew ask him to lift his shirt up so that you can see his abs. I bet he's got a six-pack. And this from a kid who has never performed a crunch in his life.

Now obviously I'm not suggesting for one minute that you need to weight in at 8 stone to display a six-pack. I'm merely highlighting the fact that the key isn't thousands up thousands of crunches.

Dropping excess weight from your belly
The best method of dropping excess weight or body fat is to attack the issue in three ways:

1. Monitor and reduce the amount of calories you east (and drink) each day.
2. Step up your aerobic work. This burns excess calories quickly and safely.
3. Add resistance exercises to your exercise programme. Weight training increases the metabolism, making it easier for you to burn excess calories in double quick time.

1. Monitoring calories
The average male should eat approximately 2000 calories a day. However as you plan to work out as well you may need to eat a bit more, although not a lot more. Your goal is to lose your belly and do so quickly. If you look to burn a total of 500 calories each day with a combination of diet and exercise you can drop at least 1 lb. of body fat each week.

2. Aerobic exercise
To gain results twice as quick it should be noted that you can safely drop 500 calories a day from your diet alone and burn up the same amount during your fitness work. This would equal a lose of 2 lb. a week - or 14 lb in just 7 weeks!

3. Resistance training
Now this may include crunches and sit ups; after all they do tone up the stomach muscles. But it should also include exercises for the body's major muscle groups - legs, back, chest and arms. This way the body's metabolism is pushed into hyper-drive and the fat lost in dieting and aerobic work is likely to stay off for much much longer.



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