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It's the New Year! Time to once again "Start the new year out right". Are you determined to lose weight, save money, have a better marriage, find Mrs. Right, be more assertive, ask for the raise, find a new job, begin to be more organized, be more positive and spend more time with our kids all by Jan 31st?

NO? Come on, those are realistic resolutions, aren't they? The funny thing is, most people think that making these changes all at once is realistic and possible! A few are possible, but the whole list?

Why are you making New Year's resolution?
When I hear my clients tell me their resolutions, I always ask them…"What's making you want to make those changes?" "What has prevented you from accomplishing them BEFORE the New Year?" "Do you have a PLAN for making the changes happen?"

Sheer willpower
A Plan? What? Most people feel sheer willpower will help them get through anything. They wake up January 1st and say to themselves "Today is the day I change!" and "Proof" the miraculous change has occurred! Sure, it will occur for many, for a while…3 days, 4 weeks, 2 months and then their "will" seems to diminish and their resolutions end up on on next year's list to go through the same viscous cycle once again.

Goal and target setting
How can you make this year different? One way is to take a step back and really analyze your list of resolutions. What is truly realistic for you right now, at this time in your life? Once you identify what is realistic, rid yourself of the word "TRY" from your vocabulary. If you begin a resolution with "I am going to TRY to lose 10 pounds this year" You are automatically giving yourself an out. "If it doesn't work out, it is okay, it really wasn't meant to be" is automatically giving yourself permission to fail. Losing those 10 pounds is obviously bothering you, making your life less fulfilling, or it wouldn't be on the list of things to change!

When you say "Well, at least I tried", ask what does "trying" mean to you? I work on this specific issue with my clients and help them change the word "try" into "I will " until it becomes automatic. It takes practice, however using this strategy will eventually permanently STOP the awful "resolution failure cycle." YOU can do the same thing!

Where there's a will there's a way
Let me explain how the removal of "try" can work for you. Begin by omitting it out of your vocabulary and replace "try" with "I will". This strategy will set you up for a POSITIVE, conscious start, rather than giving yourself unconscious permission to fail.

Let's say you begin a resolution where you want to spend more time with your children. What sounds better…"I will TRY to spend more time with my children this year", or " I WILL spend more time with my children this year." Doesn't the latter sound more positive? Now, of course, I don't want you to beat yourself up if you find yourself slipping, just realizing that it IS possible to change and that you will simply need to find another way to accomplish your goal.

Question yourself
When analyzing your resolutions, ask yourself some of these important questions:

1. Do I have too many resolutions on my list to accomplish all at once?
2. Are my resolutions actually realistic for me during this time in my life?
3. Where do I see potential roadblocks that might make creating change in my life challenging? Are my roadblocks work, family, personal, health and transportation?
4. What type of plan can I make for myself to avoid these roadblocks?
5. In my planning, what resources and support do I need?

While making your plan, think about how it will feel to fail at accomplishing your resolutions. Are you looking forward to the feeling of pain, failure, disappointment, frustration?

Making the grade
Now, think about how GREAT it will feel when you have followed through with your resolution! What is the outcome? How happy are you? How do you carry yourself? Is your self-esteem improved? Has your change POSITIVELY influenced others around you?

Log your progress
Put pen to paper and in a journal, write a paragraph to yourself about how you would feel as if you had already conquered your resolution! Again, focusing on how great you feel, how happy you are, how your surroundings have changed! How it has made your life better?

Once you have gone through these questions and exercises, you should feel much better about how to approach your resolutions this year and have the beginnings of a plan on how to get what you want.

Better late than never
The New Year has 365 days in it, so it is NEVER to late to make that change! The calendar is only full of days and numbers…your life is full of memories, love, peace and joy…make each moment count. Make TODAY be the start of what you truly want your life to look and feel like. You CAN do it!



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