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So you're unhappy with your arms. You think that your legs need to be a little more pumped up. Your girlfriend's nagging you to lose your beer belly once and for all. If any of this applies to you then read on because we are about to show you how to build the perfect body.

Exercise 1: Aerobics
No this doesn't mean that you need to don a leotard and prance about to the music from Flashdance. Aerobic exercise is the best way to burn lots of calories and unwanted body fat.

Your aim should be to exercise aerobically at least 3 times a week. Exercises could include running, rowing, cycling and brisk walking. The following plan covers four weeks* training in the gym.

Week 1
Monday Running at vary speeds. Time 20 min.
Thursday Cycling at varying levels. Time 25 min.
Saturday Combine uphill walking and running. Time 25 min.
Week 2
Monday Combine cycling and rowing. Total time 25 min.
Wednesday Running at a constant speed. Time 30 min.
Friday Combine cycling and uphill walking. Time 30 min.
Week 3
Monday Combine cycling, running and rowing. Time 30 min.
Thursday Running at varying speeds. Time 25 min.
Sunday Rowing at varying speeds. Time 25 min.
Week 4
Tuesday Cycling at a constant speed. Time 30 min.
Thursday Running at varying speeds uphill. Time 20 min.
Saturday Combine running and rowing. Time 30 min.

* After 4 weeks fitness training increase your workout times to 35 min.

Exercise 2: Resistance training
Resistance training increases strength, improves posture and boosts you metabolism. But never mind all that. Toned muscles will impresses the ladies. Women love the look of an athletic man, whether he's on the beach or propping up the bar at her local.

The following exercises should be performed 2-3 times a week either after your fitness sessions or on your 'days off' from the aerobic work.

Lower body: 2 exercises only Upper body: Perform all
Lunges Chest press
Squats Lat pulldown or assisted pull up
Leg press Shoulder press
Leg curls Upright row
  Bicep curls

NOTE: All resistance exercises should be perform twice with a weight that allows you to complete 8-12 full repetitions. After each set* rest for 60 seconds before performing the next set. After 6 weeks (but not before) add another set of each exercise. At this point time maybe an issue and so I suggest that you perform your resistance and fitness work on different days.

* The performance of an exercise without rest between repetitions.



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