Personal training for beginners


Lets face it fitness and resistance training can be a chore and V-E-R-Y boring. Especially if you exercise on your own.

A personal trainer is just that. Someone who will assist you and only you with your exercise plan.

The benefits of a personal fitness instructor
A good personal trainer can inject new ideas into your training sessions. Qualified instructors will guide your motivation, technique, introduce new exercises and more importantly speed up your training progress.

Typical cost of a personal trainer
Most personal training sessions with an instructor last about 60 minutes. Sessions can cost anywhere between £15 - £50 plus.

Questions to ask
Lots of personal trainers exist - so make sure you ask if they have any knowledge of working with someone with your needs / body shape / limitations / timetable etc.

Ask if they are registered. Ask to see their first aid certificates. Are they insured? How much are they insured for? Will they come to you? Have they another client who will act as a reference?

And most importantly, make sure any first meeting is in a public place.



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