Lose weight with the R.E.A.L eating


If you're perplexed with a never ending stream of High street diets that never seem to work then this is the eating plan for you.

The following plan allows you to lead a busy, social life while still getting all the foods your body and brain needs for optimum function. R - Regular meals
The brain and body need regular feedings to stay ahead of the game. If you tend skip meals then your body will crave sugar and hold onto body fat for that little bit longer. Your brain will tire, so your reflexes and concentration will wane, which in turn will lower your work and social capacity. The best tactic is to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, while as well eating healthy snacks between meals.

E - Eat a balanced diet
A balanced diet should consist of complex carbohydrates (bread, rice, pasta etc.) as well as fructose (apples, oranges, bananas etc.). Eating a little fat will aid digestion and regulate hormone levels and adding protein will allow your body to repair itself and function normally.

Note: Adding fresh vegetables to your eating plan will improve digestion and via an increase in natural fibre.

A - Avoid processed foods
Processed foods (microwave meals, junk food etc.) tend to have a high concentration of sugar and salt and heavy doses of saturated fat. These foods will do very little for your waste line or your judgment - processed foods include additives and artificial flavourings that can irritate and effect mood swings.

L - Light and Low
Low in fat and light in calories. Keeping fat levels between 25-30 percent of total calories means that your body can still burn excess body fat effectively as well as lowering the many risk factors associated with chronic heart disease.

Light in calories means your diet will allow you to lose or control your weight while still following a healthy eating plan.



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