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We are all busy, going from one place to the next as fast as we can. We work hard, we play harder and consequently all this places stress on our bodies and minds.

So what would you say if we said we could show you a few techniques to reduce the stress you feel in life? Of course you'd shout "Show me, show me now!". So, as promised here are 5 sure fire ways to bring calm and tranquillity to your day. 1. Cut out caffeine from your diet
Drinking coffee triggers your nervous system to act in the same way it would if placed under stress. As little as 2-3 cups a day can increase blood pressure and activate our adrenaline system thus demonstrating symptoms associated with tension, trauma and anxiety.

2. Live and work in tidy spaces
Living and working in clutter increases stress. Imagine you are busy at your desk and you're looking for a pen that will never appear. Or you're leaving the house and you can't find your car keys. One things for sure, very soon you'll feel pent up, stressed and under pressure. So save all this hassle and tidy things up!

3. See the light
No, not Him. We aren't here to preach but can we suggest that you increase the amount of natural sunlight you directly experience each day. Natural sunlight - even if it's cold outside - increases the amount of well-being chemicals released by the brain. As a result you'll feel calmer, happier and more content all day everyday.

4. Have your own personal space
Being social is a great way of reducing stress - talking with friends or going to the pub makes us feel relaxed and content. Nevertheless, we all need a little 'me' time, a period during the day or week when we can hide away in our personal space to think things through, contemplate ideas or issues and reduce natural worry.

5. Visualise a calm, more laid-back you
Close your eyes, clear you mind and visualise a clam, quiet place - a beach (not crowded!), a beautiful woodland area (no killer squirrels!) or a sun kissed field or corn. Hold this thought for 5-10 minutes. Now begin to question how you're dealt with the topics and situations of the week.

Were you needlessly uptight when talking to your boss? Did you unnecessarily snap back at a loved one? Whatever your concern may be, think things through peacefully and decide how you will deal with a similar situation next time. Trust me, this will help. Visualisation is a technique used globally by actors, sports stars and other people working in pressurised situations.

We hope these hints and tips help. If they don't then you could always move permanently to your quiet place!



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