How to stop smoking


For many stopping smoking is a very hard process indeed. Smokers tell themselves that they aren't hooked and addicted. Then they try to stop and this becomes harder than they could ever imagine.

Sometimes the reason for failure is finding yourself in situations whereby your have always smoked before. Sometimes the reason for failure is lack of commitment or a like of the habit itself. The following ideas may inspire you to quit for the last time. On the other hand you may forego reading this feature in order to pop down the garage for more fags!

1. Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy promotes a relaxed mental state in the smoker trying to quit. This relaxed state of mind opens up the subconscious of the smoker to suggestion and more precisely the suggestion that cigarette compulsion can be reversed and even quelled completely.

Usually hypnotherapists control the mood and atmosphere of their sessions by playing calming soft music and instructing their clients to focus on their taste buds, sense of smell and techniques based around deep breathing.

2. Floatation tank therapy
A floatation tank is a personal heaven, a place of solitude where smokers can relax, think clearly about their habit and their desire to stop. Oh, and it's a heated tank (read bath) filled with over 300 kg of Epsom salts so that the body can float (read the Dead Sea).

The idea is that a deep state of meditation and relaxation will allow the power of tape therapy (quitting suggestions are pumped into the tank as you rest) to work its magic.

3. Acupuncture
One of the most well-known of the alternative therapies known to smokers. Acupuncture involves applying fine needles to points on the body that are known to improve circulation and promote relaxation and acquire balance within the body.

This therapy runs in conjunction with a self help book on stopping smoking - this acts as a psychological tool to aid the physiological response of the acupuncture.

It's all or nothing
Trying to quit the dreaded weed is something that only you can decide to do. It can take the patience of a saint and the willpower of a monk. However the rewards are a plenty. More money, a greater sense of smell and taste, no more damp lunch hours stood out in the street and clothes that are less likely to smell like a dirty ashtray.



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