Street sports - look cool getting fit


People - usually guys - don't perform street / urban sports to get fit. They perform them to look cool, to sign up to a particular lifestyle and to develop skills beyond that of a 'normal' person.

Yet the fitness benefits of street sports should not be ignored. Activities like skateboarding, roller blading, street basketball etc have added benefits that exceed just looking good.

Skateboarding may be a solo pastime in essence. But in reality, boarders usually hang around in small groups, performing stunts, runs etc.

Skateboarding itself is a skill. We aren't born with the skill it takes to skate around on a board with four small wheels. The coordination it takes to apply balance and grace to skateboarding is vast. The strength of joints and the stability of ligaments around the knees and ankles develops as a direct result of running, boarding and stunt performance.

Roller blading
Again, blading seems an individual pastime. Yet many who use roller blades do so within the context of sport i.e. Trick performance or roller hockey.

The same skills that apply to skateboarding apply to roller blading. Grace, poise, coordination and leg strength are all developed when roller blading is taken up. Not only that, but the fitness levels and general stamina it needs to propel ourselves around on blades means that this form of exercise aids weight loss and body shape management.

Roller blading for 30 mins burns as many calories as cycling, rowing and swimming.

Basketball and other similar sports
Now more than ever in the UK, children and young adults have mass exposure to the delights of basketball. Not only is it on our TV screens, but a vast government initiative means that may inner cities and towns now include basketball courts and other such facilities.

Like most ball sports basketball promotes hand - eye coordination, as well as fitness, stamina, strength and fun.



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