Sex: the world's greatest workout


Would you like to tone up and increase your fitness without leaving your home? In fact, the world's greatest workout can be completed without even leaving the bedroom! An average sex session (well 20-30 minutes - Is this average?) burns between 150 - 200 calories. That is equivalent to a session of cycling over the same period - and I know which I'd prefer.

Work that body

Sex is predominately a cardiovascular workout. The harder the session (pardon the pun) the more your heart rate will increase. And as we all know, the more our heart rate increases, the fitter we can become. However, without getting technical or crude - you can fill in the blanks or join the dots - sex can also include a strength element. So get creative and work those muscles!

The benefits of an active sex life
On a more serious note, the amount of sex we have, the healthier we are likely to be. Studies have shown that three bouts of sex a week can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer, as well as decreasing the risk of developing coronary heart disease - it's all the hard work and sweating.

An active sex life also promotes self-esteem and reduces stress. Happy chemical - endorphins - encourage us to feel more relaxed and confident.

Slowing down the aging process

Recent studies have shown that regular sex can actual reduce or slow down the ageing process! This may directly link to feel-good factors associated with being in a happy, secure sexual relationship as well as an improvement in our cardiovascular system - we actual look better when we feel fitter.



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